Award-winning gospel musician, Diana Hamilton has indicated that she has never paid DJs or presenters to play her music.

In a recent interview with Agyemang Prempeh on Accra-based radio station, Power FM, the songstress indicated that she has rather built good relationships with DJs and presenters so they require no money from her to play her songs.

The ‘Adom’ singer stated that she expresses her gratitude to these individuals in kind.

“I believe in relationships. Maybe my personality may not allow me to call everyone every day but if you are my friend I treat you as a friend, so I call you on an ordinary day, or I will hear it is your birthday and if I have the ability I will send you a present or buy you a cake I believe in relationships because if I have to pay you, I cannot pay you,” she indicated.

She further indicated that she extends these kind deeds to DJs and presenters even when she doesn’t have new songs.

“So if anybody says I gave him or her money to lay my song, it will be nice for the person to come out,” she stated.

In Ghana, ‘payola’, a dubious act of bribery in the music industry, has for close decades been prevailing.

Industry players have constantly indicated that paying ‘Payola’ gives way to bad music to be played on the country’s airwaves.

They have argued that DJs and presenters do not scrutinize the kinds of music they play therefore reducing the quality of Ghanaian music.

Meanwhile, DJs and presenters have justified ‘Payola’, stressing that it is only a form of appreciation and motivation from artists.