43-year-old Ghanaian highlife sensation, Kwabena Kwabena has expressed how he loves and respects female fans who connect with his music more.

Best known for his love-inclined compositions, Kwabena Kwabena disclosed in a recent interview that his songs are mostly targeted at women because they are more emotional than men.

Speaking to BBC Focus on Africa radio, the singer stated that he cherishes his female fans due to the support they have given him.

“They mean so much to me because I feel women connect more to emotional things than men do because men hardly show emotions even when they are feeling it.

“I kinda channel my message through women because they will make men hear and understand what I want to say with regards to emotions,” he said amidst laughter.

During the interview, the singer mentioned that highlife music has helped the country attain a particular identity globally.

“It is a genre which has put Ghana on the map. It is the only genre that is related to Ghana so me being a Ghanaian and loving the fact that I am, I embrace Highlife music as my all and that is what I am born to do. I cannot identify myself with any genre but Highlife music,” he told host Mark Wilberforce.

Source: Modernghana.com