Actress Kalsoume Sinare says she will make sure her sons marry Muslim women.

According to her, she wouldn’t like to see her grandchildren pray beside her grave if she dies one day hence the need for them to be born to mothers of the Muslim faith.

“I have two grown boys and it’s tough. They are Muslims and they pray, and I always want to pray to God that they bring a Muslim girl for me to accept because if it’s a Christian girl,” she paused.

Kalsoum Sinare was speaking to blogger Zionfelix.

The award-winning actress revealed that the initial stages of her marriage were tough because she was a Muslim while her husband was a Christian.

However, her husband agreed to switch his religious belief to favor his love for her and on his own will.

“I am already a Muslim. I know when it comes to religion, it is tough for a Muslim girl to accept a Christian boyfriend or husband because I’m married to somebody who was a Christian but then he had to become a Muslim.

“But I won’t say my husband became a Muslim because of me, it’s something that you must willingly say that you want. It’s serving God and you can’t say because of the love of a woman you want to give yourself out,” she added.