Highlife singer and songwriter, Nero X says investors are withdrawing from the Ghana’s creative arts industry due to ingratitude by some artists.

According to him, most of these investors fear artists could stab them in the back after they have been lifted to higher levels in their careers.

“Most investors are afraid, not in the investment but they are afraid that after pushing the artiste to a certain level the artist might change their mind or their behavior entirely,” he said in an interview on Kastle Entertainment Show.

He added that these investors are sometimes reluctant in helping these talents because of their bad attitudes.

Nero X, born Joseph Nkrumah Buabeng further stated that until artists change their ways, investors will continue to withdraw from helping them which will result in a lack of investment in the industry.

“As an artist, you have your right but because of your profession, you are restricted to a certain level, you need solid people on your team to check you on it.

“You need to also listen as an artist so it’s a collective issue and we need to have a change of attitude because if we do not do that investors will find it very difficult to invest in the Ghanaian music industry,” he added.

Source: ModernGhana.com